Creating a Strategy to Help You Stay Consistent and Hit Your Goals

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The Strategic Mindset - Thinking Ahead for Sustainable Consistency

You’re going to discover Component #3 of The Consistency System which is determining your strategy that gets you to take action ASAP!

It doesn’t matter what tactical strategies you plan to implement, such as online advertising, content creation, networking in specific groups, etc.

The most important strategy is the exact steps that will help you take action ASAP before you get distracted and lose the motivation.

Make It Easy

Many new entrepreneurs make the mistake of starting out by tackling the big project, going after the big sale, and trying to hit a home run on their first at bat.

These big tasks are often scary.

They also make you strive for perfection, which causes procrastination.

You need momentum, and you create that momentum by taking small, easy action steps.

You need to determine the easiest thing on your checklist and work on that first.

It should be easy to get this task done, which leads to fulfillment and increases your confidence.

This creates the momentum so that you’ll eventually be able to work on the bigger projects.

Never forget that consistency beats intensity!

Make It Simple

Another mistake is setting up complicated systems that take time to learn and adapt.

These systems can be new apps, software, and tools or even just a complicated daily schedule that is hard to follow.

These are all obstacles that distract you from what really matters.

Instead, keep it simple.

If you have a big task you must achieve, then break it down into smaller steps.

Small steps make things less intimidating and motivate you to get started.

Make It Quick

Making it easy and simple means you want to start with quick working sessions.

As long as you don’t multitask, these can be as short as 15-minute time blocks.

If you struggle with being focused on taking action, the worst thing you can do is to go all out and schedule a big chunk of time to work on your checklist.

Many new entrepreneurs go for intensity instead of consistency and then they burn out, especially if they’ve never done anything intense in their life before.

Intensity also requires a lot of time.

Here’s an example:

If you’ve never spent more than an hour a day on your part-time business, and then decide that you’re going to go for a 90-day challenge, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

The first obstacle is time.

Where are you going to find the extra 60–120 minutes every day to go for this blitz?

How you will have the mental stamina?

It’s like if someone who has never worked out decides to go to the gym for an hour a day for seven straight days.

They’re going to be super sore and will hurt so badly after the first day that they’ll never want to go back.

I see this happen to many new entrepreneurs who try to build businesses while still having full-time jobs.

They struggle with consistency because they set unrealistic expectations like spending three hours a day on their businesses when they’ve never even worked on them for 15 minutes a day for three straight days before.

I want you to remember that consistency beats intensity!

Don’t get frustrated if you don’t have the stamina or focus to work an hour on your business.

You can start small and slowly build up.

Remember, it’s not the amount of time you spend on your business that’s important, but how often you work on your checklist.

It’s how often you show up that will make you a winner!

The Consistency System

Here’s a Summary of the 7 Components of The Consistency System

Component 1: Checklist

Component 2: Create and Schedule the Time

Component 3: Determine the Strategy

Component 4: Choose Your Environment

Component 5: Tracking

Component 6: Your Consistency Toolbox

Component 7: Accountability