Different Ways to Change Your Environment to Create Consistency

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Surroundings for Success - How to Design Your Space for Goal Achievement

You’re going to discover Component #4 of The Consistency System which is to Choose Your Environment

Your environment is a mental trigger that can either help you or hurt you.

Just like a recovering alcoholic will not be able to stay sober if he hangs out with friends at a bar overnight, you won’t be able to take consistent action toward your goals if you’re in the wrong environment.

There are different elements to creating a winning environment. I’m going to share three tips with you that will get you in the mood to do the things on your checklist every day.

1. Change the People

2. Use a Unique Location

3. Play the Same Song

Change the People

My mentor, the late business philosopher Jim Rohn, once said,

“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

The people around you will either lift you up or bring you down.

Always ask yourself, Are the people I spend time with helping me advance toward my goals?

If they’re not, you need to slowly distance yourself from those people and meet new friends.

They may be great human beings, but they’re not helping you achieve what you want to accomplish. You can solve this by not hanging out with those people. Go meet new friends.

Use a Unique Location

Those two examples are ways in which you can change who is around you and where you are working. It’s a good idea to choose a unique location to work on your checklist and on the business itself.

We tend to lose focus when we stay in the same environment for a long time, and this prevents you from staying consistent and productive (Trello.com, 2018).

This is the reason why most people say they exercise more consistently when they go to a gym rather than exercising in a home gym.

It’s also a reason why people like to work at coffee shops. The atmosphere inspires them to get to work.

You don’t always have to go outside to choose your unique location. You can move to a different place in your home for a short time period.

Play the Same Song

The last part of creating an environment that’ll help you achieve your goals is to use music to get you going.

Music is a great emotional trigger that creates feelings and gets you in a certain mood. I’m sure that, if you hear certain songs, they’ll bring you back to your childhood, teenage years, your wedding day, etc. (Bergland, 2013).

Play the same song every time you work on your checklist, so that when you play that song, it’ll get you in the mood to do what you need to do.

It works because your song is “anchored” and it’s all part of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). You don’t need to understand the technical side of how it works, but just know that it does!

Playing the same song is a great way to get back into action if you get off track. Just make sure you use that song specifically for that purpose or you’ll ruin the anchoring effect.

Is your environment helping you stay consistent with the action steps you need to take to reach your goals?

The Consistency System

Here’s a Summary of the 7 Components of The Consistency System

Component 1: Checklist

Component 2: Create and Schedule the Time

Component 3: Determine the Strategy

Component 4: Choose Your Environment

Component 5: Tracking

Component 6: Your Consistency Toolbox

Component 7: Accountability