The Consistency System: 7 Step System to Increase Your Sales

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The 7 Step System to Achieving Your Goals with The Consistency System

Why do most people fail to achieve their goals?!

Is it because setting goals don’t work?!

The problem isn’t that setting goals doesn’t work.

Setting goals works, but it only works if you have the Consistency System in place to make sure you take the necessary action.

For every new goal you set,

you need the Consistency System behind the goal to support it; otherwise, you’ll never have the time to take the consistent action to achieve that goal.

Even if they didn’t consciously create it or aren’t aware of it, successful people all have a Consistency System in place that makes them take consistent action for maximum achievement.

7 Components of The Consistency System

Component 1: Checklist

You must know exactly what you need to do in order to accomplish your goal.

Component 2: Create and Schedule the Time calendar

How will you have the time to work on the checklist?

When will you take action each day?

Ideally, you should schedule the same time each day.

and that’s why Routines will help you stay consistent.

Component 3: Determine the Strategy

You must determine a strategy for your checklist?

Component 4: Choose Your Environment 

Where will you take action?

Your environment (old or new) must help you take action on the Checklist.

Component 5: Tracking

Tracking motivates you because it lets you know where you’re on your journey.

Also, how will you measure your progress and know if you’re on track?

“What gets measured gets improved” (Peter Drucker)

Component 6: Your Consistency Toolbox

You need tools (like a calendar, tracking app, etc.) to help you stay consistent with your checklist.

Here are 9 tools that’ll help you be more efficient with your action steps

Component 7: Accountability

We’re all human and get distracted easily and that’s why we need accountability 

Who is going to make sure you stay focused and consistent?