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Have Simon Chan Speak at Your Event

Simon Chan has spoken across the world to audiences ranging from small teams of 10 leaders to over 10,000 at major arenas.

Your team will love his high energy and his straight up, direct and NO BS style.

Simon Can Speak On A Variety of Topics and

Some Of His Favorites Include:

How to Stay Consistent and Build Your Business Online 

  • How to present your products/service and company DIFFERENTLY so that you can get your prospect’s attention

  • The best type of social media content to post that’ll attract prospects to your business

  • Different ways to increase your Influence and Authority so that it’ll be easier to signup more reps and customers

  • 3 types of prospects that you must relationships with

7 Closing Strategies That You Should Use For Social Media Recruiting

  • Discover what you have to do BEFORE you close your prospects

  • How to get more prospects to look at your video

  • Scripts and templates to over 5 different proven closes

  • Types of social media content you should be posting daily

  • How to get your prospects to trust you even if you haven’t had much success

How to Create and Maintain Consistency with Simple Routines, Tools and Hacks That Every Part Timer Can Implement

  • Implement simple action steps that’ll help you stay consistent even if you have many distractions going on

  • Get proven tricks that you can use in your everyday life to stay consistent

  • Discover how to get more done in 60 minutes that most people do in a day

How to Grow And Develop Your First 3 Levels of Leadership

  • How to identify leaders to work with

  • Learn to apply the "Span of Control" and avoid the biggest mistake that most leaders make when it comes to mentoring their downlines

  • How to use "6 Minutes for 6 Figures" to develop your first tier of top recruiters 

Expanding Your Business Into Foreign Countries

  • Discover a 6 month pre-launch routine that’ll help you grow fast once the market opens

  • Find the best online groups to discover prospects in foreign countries

  • Psychology of opening a new market and how to get a big rush of people to join at the launch

  • How to support your team and prevent attrition after you go back home

network marketing speaker Simon Chan

What Top Leaders Say About Simon Chan

If you have ever considered having somebody coach, teach or train, I have a big soft mushy spot in my heart for Simon.  I had him train at our event called Empire in front of over 800 people on our team and he blew the roof off of it.  I know I can trust him with our team, his systems, his coaching… the way he's able to adapt to whatever somebody needs and his attention to detail and care. 

If you do events, I'm telling you, he crushed it at our event with over 800 people, hands down,.. he nailed it!… and he really took the time to pivot and give our team exactly what we needed in a second hour long session.  And to me, that's a sign of a great coach, a great leader in somebody that you should have around your people.

Jessie Lee Ward
7 Figure Earner

Simon is someone you can trust to share information in an honorable way and really awaken some sleeping giants.

He’s done that for me and my team.

If you’re ever thinking about getting Simon as a trainer to help you build your team or help you and your team to move further, I say go for it.

Simon, you know I love you. You’re an amazing family man, an amazing man of faith that will literally get you get the job done.

Nicola Smith-Jackson
7Figure Earner

If you’ve been considering hiring Simon Chan, don’t consider it any longer. Hire him.

I hired him for a very very big conference that we were putting on for our company and I was absolutely blown away.

Simon exceeded my expectations. Not only did he grip the audience with his powerful content... not only was he engaging... not only was he funny and humorous... but it was truly memorable and impactful.

Andrew Winnett
Owner / President, Legacy Builders

I love watching him on him stage. I think he gives a very professional format to his presentation. He gets everybody engaged. They listen, they take notes and then they take action… This guys is one of the best trainers in the world. He keeps it real and if I had the opportunity to have him here for my teams again, I’d do that 100%

Justin Morris
Full Time Leader

From stage, Simon is absolutely incredible. His personalty and his ability to connect with the people in the audience is incredible… Simon also has his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the industry today. 

Aaron Decker
6 Figure Earner

We have flown Simon to Australia so many times over the years. He is our preferred generic trainer. He’s amazing and been able to help shift their mindset and learn high level skills

Josie Tong
6 Figure Earner

Simon Chan has so much integrity and he’s such an incredible trainer. I would recommend anybody hire him to actually train them, train their teams, to speak in front of their company. To watch him on a Zoom call is absolute magic. To watch him in person is even better.

I’ve been around the profession for a long time and the number of people that is in Simon’s category, I can put on one hand. And if you do anything, you want to jump in the foxhole with this guy. You will thank me for it down the road.

Tom Chenault
Contact Mapping
30 Year MLM Veteran / 7 Figure Earner

One of the things I love about Simon is his huge heart. He gives over and above. He made himself available for our team.

His content is absolutely quality and he has a huge heart for the direct selling network marketing industry and that shines through in everything that he does.

I can not recommend him highly enough for a training segment for your team.

Celine Egan
Director Sales & Marketing, Juice Plus Australia/NZ

Whether he’s speaking on a Zoom or on stage, Simon is authentic. If I could put it in 4 letters, Simon is “real.”… Simon gives a very real approach to how he presents. He keeps it real for you because he’s real.

He also knows how to combine the old world timeless network marketing principles with the new methodologies that is constantly changing.

Charlie and Annie Starky
6 Figure Earners

What I really like about Simon’s training is he’s very passionate when he talks. He always gives his best and he doesn’t hold anything back. He wants you to learn as much as possible. With his NO BS training system, all his trainings are very applicable.

Raj Soji
6 Figure Earner

Simon is straight to the point, he’ll give it to you the way it is… getting you in action, delivery content that will help you move… he gives you action steps that you can implement straight away.

Bryan Marsh
6 Figure Earner

Simon Chan is an incredible and excellent trainer.   I've had the fortunate privilege of now knowing Simon for close to two decades and it's been incredible to watch Simon and really what he's done with his platform and with his training skillset. 

Simon has that unique vantage point throughout our profession and that makes him an invaluable trainer.  I know I rely on his services and his coaching, not only for my one-on-one mentorship with Simon, but again, to be able to utilize him, to be able to speak to my teams and organizations.  It's always great to be able to get a fresh perspective, especially not from within the company or within your own team.  I think Simon brings that refreshing perspective and validation to what it is that we're trying to ultimately accomplish.  So I can't recommend him highly enough.

Daniel Song
7Figure Earner