How Quick Wins and Simple Consistent Actions Create Success

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The Power of Quick Wins - Why Short, Consistent Actions Outweigh Long Sessions

Being Consistent starts with the way you see yourself.

If you keep saying to yourself that you’re not consistent

Then you’ll always be stuck.

Instead, change your mindset and start saying to yourself “You’re being more consistent everyday.”

That is an important first step.

But words alone aren’t enough.

You have to back up the words with action or else you’ll soon feel you’re lying to yourself.

The key to creating lasting change in your identity and actions is to take small steps. 

Take Small Actions Daily

Small actions increase your self-esteem and change the way you see yourself.

Your activity defines the person you become and will help you see yourself as a serious business leader.

The more you see yourself this way, the more action you’re going to take.

Before you know it, you’ll create a nice positive cycle that’ll make you better and better.

I want you to create a routine where you can take small actions in your business every day.

A small action can be sending just one follow-up message during your lunch break or sending out one initial message in the car before you drive home.

You can send one follow-up text before you step into the office at work, create one social media post before you go to bed, etc.

Frequency Is More Important than Duration

Another common mistake people make when they want to become consistent at an activity is focusing on the amount of time they spend instead of the frequency.

The number of times you do something is more important than the amount of time you do something.

For example, if you’re in sales, it’s better to spend 15 minutes a day on something for seven straight days than it is to work on it for three hours and not touch your business the next day.

Even if you just do one call, that’s better than none.

Another example is exercise.

Going to the gym for just one minute is better than not going.

Wimpy workouts are better than no workouts.

Sending just one message a day is better than nothing.

This applies to other things in life as well.

Spending 15 minutes talking to your children every day is more important than talking to them for three hours on a weekend but not checking in with them during the rest of the week.

This was an excerpt from my best selling book, The Consistency Pill.