Why Frequency is More Important than Duration in Consistency

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Why Doing It Often Matters More Than How Long You Do It

Consistency Beats Intensity

Everyone knows taking action is important, but most home business owners either don’t get started or mentally quit after a few days because they don’t believe they can be successful.

The way we act is always consistent with how we see ourselves, and our identity will change if we take small actions.

You don’t need massive action nor results to start becoming consistent.

You just need small actions to get started and frequency is more important than duration in the beginning.

That’s why it’s super important to start small.

Make it simple and easy to get started because taking small steps changes the way you see yourself and increases your confidence.

A common mistake that I’ve seen new home business owners make with social media is that they try to do too much too soon.

They’re new and never really posted consistently before, yet they want to be on every platform (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.) immediately.

They then easily get overwhelmed, discouraged and stop.

What would be easier is to start small and just focus on posting once a day on one platform to create confidence and momentum.

The opposite is also true.

Hard challenges will make you procrastinate and will hurt your self- concept. You should avoid them, especially if you’re struggling to be consistent.

You see examples of this in exercise, weight loss, or sales activity challenges.

Many of them require you to do intense activity for seven, 30, or even up to 90 days!

For most people, it’s almost impossible to complete challenges that require you to do something intense for a long period of time.

The only thing that happens is the lack of confidence and lowers your self belief.

Consistency Beats Intensity

Success is rarely because of “one big hit.”

Instead, it’s about consistently doing small things over and over again.

Bill Gates created Microsoft only because he spent all his high school days programming while other kids were out having fun.

The Beatles played every night at no-name bars before they became an “overnight success” (Gladwell, 2008).

Jerry Seinfeld did stand-up comedy to small crowds for at least five nights a week to create his success (Comedy Central, 2015).

Every successful person focuses on taking consistent actions every day.

But more importantly, consistency always beats intensity because of how it changes the way you see yourself.

Make It Simple, Quick and Easy

If you want to start being consistent today, make sure you keep it simple, quick and easy.

Many new entrepreneurs make the mistake of starting out by tackling the big project, going after the big sale, and trying to hit a home run on their first at bat.

These big tasks are often scary.

They also make you strive for perfection, which causes procrastination.

You need momentum, and you create that momentum by taking small, easy action steps.

You need to determine the easiest thing on your checklist and work on that first.

It should be easy to get this task done, which leads to fulfillment and increases your confidence.

This creates the momentum so that you’ll eventually be able to work on the bigger projects.

Never forget that Consistency Beats Intensity!

This was an excerpt from my best selling book, The Consistency Pill.