How to Make Consistent Sales Using The Rejection Killer

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The Rejection Killer - Your Guide to Overcoming Fear of Selling

There’s one thing that’s guaranteed in business and especially in sales and that is you’ll definitely get rejection.

The Fear of Rejection is one of the main reasons why people can’t stay consistent.

You must get over rejection and worrying about what people think about you or else you’ll never be successful in anything.

If you are afraid of rejection or caught up in worrying about what others think of you, you will be inconsistent or fail to take action when you need to.

Caring about others’ opinion of you is also a form of fear of rejection.

You’re worried that you don’t fit in and that you will get rejected.

Inconsistency in Sales Activities

In sales, if you’re not following up with people consistently, it’s because of your fear of rejection.

If you knew these people would say “yes,” then you would reach out to them immediately!

Here’s an example.

I’m sure you probably have a few people who you should be following up with.

If I told you that all of those people are 100% going to purchase, but you must contact them within the next 30 minutes or they’re going to buy from someone else, you’d put this book down and call them immediately!

But the reason you procrastinate and don’t call them is because you’re expecting them to say “no.”

Inconsistency with Social Media Posting

Your fear of rejection and your worries about what others think also cause you to be inconsistent in showing up on social media.

If you didn’t care about others’ reactions to your posts, then you would post whatever you wanted and not talk yourself out of greatness by overthinking.

The 10 Step Rejection Killer

Fortunately, there is my 10 step Rejection Killer that will help you over the rejection.

This is an excerpt from my best selling book, The Consistency Pill.

Step 1 is knowing that people are not rejecting you. 

They’re saying “No” to the message, not to you.

Step 2 is about your mindset and changing your perspective on who loses when someone is not interested. 

Your prospect loses out. Not you.

They’re the ones that missed out on something lifechanging. 

Step 3 of the Rejection Killer is changing your self-talk to “You don’t need them, but they need you!” 

They only have one and only you to help them because you are unique but you have millions of other people to talk to.

Step 4 of the Rejection Killer is realizing that you are doing them a favor when you prospect them. 

Most salespeople get it wrong and have it the other way around.

They think the prospect is doing them a favor when they watch a sales presentation. 

Step 5 of the Rejection Killer is visualizing success before you reach out to someone. 

If you visualize failure, you’ll immediately get scared.

Always assume people will want to buy

Step 6 of the Rejection Killer is going for high numbers and talking to as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. 

The more people you talk to, the less you’ll think about the ones that said “No”

Step 7 of the Rejection Killer is realizing you get paid for every “no” you get. 

It’s a numbers game. Every “No” gets you closer to a “Yes”

Step 8 is tracking your numbers.

Prospecting is a numbers game but you won’t know how close you are to your next sale if you’re not tracking. 

Step 9 of the Rejection Killer is meeting new contacts all the time. 

This makes you focused on talking to new people instead of constantly thinking about the ones that said “No” to you.

Step 10 of the Rejection Killer is training yourself to get numb to rejection with this simple game. 

Go ask for 10% off the next time you buy something.

It’ll be scary but build up your tolerance for rejection.

Make sure you realize that the purpose of this game is not to actually get a discount but to develop your numbness to rejection.

The goal of the game is to get more rejection, so you become numb to it.

Remember that everything is a muscle, and the more you use a muscle, the stronger it gets.

This applies to your resistance to rejection.

This was an excerpt from my best selling book, The Consistency Pill.