Quotes on Consistency by Simon Chan

You don’t need more and more “training.”

You need more accountability and help so you can take consistent action on what you’ve already learned

Every master was once a disaster

but they took consistent action and then…

Consistency Creates Mastery!

Personal development without action is like a drug.

It makes you happy short term but empty afterwards

The dumbest thing to do is to attend training after training

and not taking any action and think you’re making progress

If you’re not consistent, you’ll never be successful.

Stop fooling yourself.

All successful people are super consistent.

Find someone that’ll help you become consistent ASAP

Purpose is always a greater long term motivator than money

Everyone can get excited over something one time but it’s only the leaders that stay consistent each day.

Reminder: No one wants to follow someone that isn’t consistent

Don’t wait for momentum to come before you take action.

You CREATE MOMENTUM by taking Consistent Action!

Lack of action creates Doubt but Consistent Action gets rid of Doubt.

Forget going from Zero to Hero!


Focus on taking CONSISTENT ACTION everyday.

Consistency almost always beats Intensity

Easiest ways to increase your self esteem is with CONSISTENT ACTION!